At some point in your student or professional life, you may encounter the opportunity to move to a new region. We thought it would be useful to anticipate this and give you some advice that may help you settle in nicely.

  1. Keep yourself busy

Although it may not sound fun, engaging in different activities can ensure you get to know the local places, meet new people and experience the region in an alternative manner.

Using social medias such as Twitter and Facebook are a great way of finding out about new events. Going to local shops and picking up flyers is also a great way to find out what is going on!If you are a student, remember to also use your university hub as they tend to offer great opportunities throughout the year.

This may be daunting at first but keeping yourself busy can greatly contribute to your new journey.

  1. Meeting the locals

Nobody knows a city better than a local.

One great way to get involved with the community is to volunteer at shops or specific events that appeal to you.  This can lead to making good connections who will be able to advise you on some of the good spots in town. Remember that volunteering is also a great way to enhance your CV as it tends to demonstrates skills which are desirable among employers.Initially, you may have to go to a few places alone but after a while you, will be recognised and will eventually network with the other like-minded people.

Meeting new people can be complex at times however, making an initial effort at the start of a relationship can be extremely beneficial in the long run!












  1. Remember to Budget 

Thus far everything mentioned is going to cost you money therefore, it is essential that you have a good budgeting system. This can ensure that you get most out of the new region whilst keeping your costs low.

The simple maths are as follows:

Money In > Money Out

Keeping track of your weekly fixed costs and adding some variable ones will give you a good idea of what you can or can’t afford to spend your cash on.

Remember that most cities have totally FREE museums, markets and historical sites which you can attend for free. Finally  if all else fails, try getting  lost in the new city as this can lead you to discovering places that even the locals would like to know about !

Finally, embrace change, take the new opportunity with both hands, and become a local expert.

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