There are some changes afoot!

UK Guarantor and Accommodation for students has joined forces with Housing Hand, the UK’s largest provider of rent guarantees. But don’t worry, your agreement with UK Guarantor will carry on unaffected. For any applications you can head to Here, you will be redirected to Housing Hand upon application. Or, alternatively, you can head straight to Beyond these differences you can expect the same great service that you have always received.  There may even be the odd improvement here and there!  Read on to find out more.

Accommodation for students

You may know Accommodation for Students; they’re the UK’s number one student accommodation website and our referral partner. Accommodation for students has now joined forces with Housing Hand, the UK’s largest rent guarantor service. They will provide an enhanced, UK-wide service helping individuals rent the properties of their choice. There’s no need to find thousands of pounds for a deposit.

As part of this, UK Guarantor, Accommodation for Students’ previous referral partner, have been acquired by Housing Hand. This will enable them to deliver an even greater service to those seeking a rental guarantor. This won’t affect your current rent guarantor agreement with us. It will just a change in name from your point of view. For anything new (renewals or applications) head to Housing Hand’s website.

“As the UK’s number one student accommodation website, we are thrilled to be working in partnership with Housing Hand. Together, we aim to ensure that those studying at the UK’s world-renowned universities are able to access appropriate accommodation throughout their higher education.” 
Simon Thompson, Managing Director, Accommodation for Students



Housing Hand Guarantor service


This new combination of companies will allow Housing Hand to continue to build on the fantastic work they have already done. They have helped and processed over 87,764 applicants since 2013, with 3,500 accommodation providers, covering a total of more than £646 million in rent. This is exciting news for anyone in the UK who is seeking a rent guarantor and would otherwise not have one. The timing of this could not be more relevant, as Nicks Emms from UK Guarantor identified:

“We’re living in unprecedented times and the need for guarantor services has never been more acute. The combined service that will be delivered under the Housing Hand brand will provide an invaluable resource for many of those who are already facing additional pressures in their lives.”



Who are Housing Hand?

Just like UK Guarantor, Housing Hand acts as a guarantor for students and other renters who are in need of a UK based guarantor. Housing Hand liaises directly with potential landlords, letting agents and universities. They prevent renters from having to pay up to 12 months rent in advance of moving into a new property. With fees starting as low as £295 and instalment plans available, Housing Hand are the ideal choice for thousands of renters across the country. If you currently use UK Guarantor and still require a rent guarantor at the end of your current contract with us, you can explore all the options available with Housing Hand. 

To further benefit potential renters, Housing Hand is built into the booking forms of many accommodation providers. This is why Accommodation for Students joining forces with Housing Hand makes such sense. As a property platform for students, Accommodation for Students can refer renters to Housing Hand. This would provide their users with a superb and trusted partner to help them access the accommodation they can call home.


Your contract with UK Guarantor won’t change



As we’ve said, this won’t affect your current contract with UK Guarantor. You will continue to receive the same cover and support that we agreed to. The difference is all of our current and future renters can benefit by being serviced by a company of Housing Hands size and experience. It’s great news for you and the rental sector as a whole.

“We are delighted to be bringing UK Guarantor under the Housing Hand umbrella in order to serve even more tenants and students across the UK. Through our acquisition of UK Guarantor and new partnership with Accommodation for Students, we will offer an enhanced, UK-wide service. It will enable individuals to rent the properties of their choice without needing to find thousands of pounds for a deposit.”

Jeremy Robinson, Group Managing Director, Housing Hand


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