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ukguarantor is a service which has been developed for students. We act as a UK based guarantor for students that are in full time education in the UK. This means that you can pay your rent in instalments rather than paying rent upfront.


Why do I need a UK guarantor?


In the UK, if you do not have a guarantor who currently resides in the UK you may be asked to pay your rent in advance. The average rent for a private hall in a major city such as London is £12,000 and depending on where you want to live could be much more. ukguarantor enables you to pay your rent in more manageable instalments.


What do I need to do?


Simply provide us with your details through and if you are eligible we will act as your guarantor. If you don’t have somewhere to live already we will help you to find the perfect place – we have the UK’s largest database of student accommodation. You can start your application here.


How much does it cost?


It will cost from £249 for us to act as your guarantor for the period of your tenancy. The exact amount that you pay will depend on the total amount of rent you will pay during your tenancy. Our price guarantee means you will never pay more for a guarantor company.


The agreement


If you choose purchase the service you will enter into an agreement with ukguarantor and we will also ask for a co-signature – a parent or guardian who will co-sign your agreement. Once you have found somewhere to live you will enter into a contract with the landlord as normal.


Who we are


We are a UK based company with eighteen years of experience of helping students move to the UK. We were established by the team behind and specialise in finding accommodation for students and have unrivalled contacts and relationships with halls of residence and property owners in the UK.




As part of the application process we will ask each student to provide details of a co-signature. This individual is normally a family member, or another appropriate individual who is willing to guarantee the student’s obligations under the tenancy agreement they are about to enter into. Please note your co-signature cannot be another student.


The Role of the Co-Signer


The role of the co-signer is an important part of the process and is required to enable us to act as a guarantor. In the vast majority of circumstances there is no further requirement for the involvement of the co-signer. However, in the unlikely event that there are any issues during the period of the guarantee we may contact the co-signer.


What is required


We will make contact using the details provided to us during the application process. The co-signer  will need to provide confirmation of identity and proof of address. We ask each co-signer to do this as quickly as possible, to enable us to complete the application as quickly as possible and ensure the student secures their accommodation.


Support Information


When you are applying to UK Guarantor we require to you provide support information. The things we require are;


Proof of Identity


This should be a scan of your passport showing the relevant details and including your picture, as per the example shown.


Proof of Student Status


This should be a confirmation of acceptance letter from your place of study. We will also accept a valid and current copy of your ID, as per the example shown.


Proof of your ability to stay in the UK


If you are a International Student we may (in some cases) request proof your ability to stay in the UK. In such cases we will ask you to send a copy of the letter you have had from the UK immigration authority.

Passport Example:

UKG15_CensoredDocs-Example-Passport (1)

Proof of Student Status Example:


UKG15_CensoredDocs-Example-StudentProof (1)

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