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3 min read. Bad habits die hard.  But we all know that good habits can benefit us in everyday life.  Here are 7 essential study tips and habits to improve your work so that you come out on top, courtesy of UK Guarantor. Because you want to be the best at what you do, right?

Free service for Care Leavers

UK Guarantor, the UK’s leading rent guarantor service for students, graduates and working professionals has made its service available to care leavers who are studying full time at University for free. The challenges Finding and securing the right accommodation while at University can be a challenge for any student. It is now common to be

UK Guarantor to launch new service to graduates and working professionals in Spring 2019.

UK Guarantor was launched in 2015 to provide international students with a UK Guarantor, to enable them to rent accommodation. Previously, international students who did not have access to a Guarantor were required to pay all or a large percentage of their rent in advance. As the scheme proved popular with both international students and

5 Questions to Ask before Booking Your Student Accommodation

Finding the right place to stay in college can be a stressful affair, but it doesn’t have to be! If you watch out for tell-tale signs during the selection process, you’ll be able to avoid any nasty surprises after you move in! All you have to do is ask the right questions. 1. What does

Student Mental Health: A Crisis?

University is a chance to encounter new ideas, people and places – but for all the excitement, the environment can also be a pressure-cooker for mental health problems. Many young people struggle living away from home, friends and family for the first time. University can be an isolating environment as the change can leave students feeling vulnerable and

How to balance a part-time job with university

The cost of living for students has rocketed over the past few years; since UK Guarantor first started, we have seen prices for every aspect of student living increase. From accommodation to university fees, millennials pay more for their education. One survey has shown that as many as 76% of students rely on a part-time job and more than half

Live Appily Ever After: 5 Free Must Have Apps for Houseshares

Housemates – can’t live with them, literally can’t afford to live without them. At UK Guarantor, we know shared houses can be stressful, especially when you all have busy schedules and different priorities. To make living together a little easier and fairer, UK Guarantor compiled a list of the top five apps for sharers. Splitwise

Moving to a new City?

At some point in your student or professional life, you may encounter the opportunity to move to a new region. We thought it would be useful to anticipate this and give you some advice that may help you settle in nicely. Keep yourself busy Although it may not sound fun, engaging in different activities can

Career Path Concerns?

Did you know that the average person changes career 12 times in their lifetime? Nonetheless, choosing the appropriate route during your time at university or college is essential as it may meaningfully influence your future. Perhaps you should ask yourself some of the following questions prior to making any major decisions: -What do I love

Making The Most Out Of The Student Life

Throughout university you will constantly hear the phrase ‘I cannot wait to finish university’. Our advice is simply to avoid this mind-set as once the student days come to an end, the constrained life of a professional often follows. Therefore, learning to enjoy the moment is essential and we have a list of tips that

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