Throughout university you will constantly hear the phrase ‘I cannot wait to finish university’.

Our advice is simply to avoid this mind-set as once the student days come to an end, the constrained life of a professional often follows. Therefore, learning to enjoy the moment is essential and we have a list of tips that should ensure you have a great experience as a student:

1. Participate in university activities

Universities invest heavily in student experience and as a result, sporting events, fund raisers and vintage clothing sales take place in many universities across the UK. The best part is of this is that most of these events are free!

During the first weeks of the academic year when everything may seem daunting, attending these events can make you feel more comfortable in your new city. Remember to follow the social media accounts of your institutions as they tend to have the most up-to date information.


Finding the balance in your life as a student will be a challenge… remain persistent.


2. Getting a part time job

Although obvious, obtaining a weekend job during university can be extremely useful. Considering that after paying the average rent students remain with less than £35 per month, having an additional source of income can come in handy no matter what stage of education you are in. Of course obtaining a job can be a challenge however, making good connections in different industries is something that may benefit you in the long term.


3. Time for a new passion

The student life is about experimenting, stepping outside your comfort zone and shaping your future without realising.  A great way to do this is by finding a hobby that gives you that push to wake up early or go to sleep late! Attending events which you wouldn’t usually attend and socialising with people who have different experiences than you, may lead to the discovery of this new passion.

Once you find something that attracts you, ensure you speak to different individuals, as this may ensure you are going in the right direction.



Do not overwhelm yourself…everything happens for a reason.


4. sleep is overrated

Once you get into the routine of going to sleep at the early hours of the morning and waking up at lunch time the following day, you will realise how fast each semester goes.

Evidence suggests that an adult requires 7 to 9 hours of sleep in order to function efficiently throughout the day, however, your diet must reflect that of a healthy individual.  In order to make the most out of each day, cutting down your sleep on two or three nights a week can ensure you have more time to learn, socialise and practice that newly discovered passion.

Remember, to become successful in life you have to work whilst others are sleeping.

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