Did you know that the average person changes career 12 times in their lifetime?

Nonetheless, choosing the appropriate route during your time at university or college is essential as it may meaningfully influence your future. Perhaps you should ask yourself some of the following questions prior to making any major decisions:

-What do I love doing?

-How long do I want to study?

-Have I spoken to graduates or professionals with relevant experience?

-Where do I want to study?

-Have I got enough financial support?

Experience is vital

Do not stress, being unsure about your future is normal!   Once you have carried out sufficient research regarding your career, a great way to determine whether you would like to continue at a higher academic level is to carry out some work experience. Often these are unpaid however, creating connections with professionals can be more beneficial in the long term than earning extra cash for the weekend! In addition, gaining experience will help you determine what you definitely do not want to do for the rest of your life.

Tips for your internships/work experience include:

-Patience is key: At the start, you will most likely be doing repetitive work. Power through these first few weeks and take it all as it comes. Experience cannot be bought, enjoy the moment and learn as much as you can.

-Make it personal: Remember you are the one seeking to gain experience.  Do not feel embarrassed to request a particular task or role as this can help you gain knowledge that is more personal to your goals and objectives. The saying “if you do not ask you do not get” should be always on the back of your mind when you are trying to gain experience.

-Connections: Always remember, life is about who you know, not what you know. At first it may seem obvious, but most of us have benefited from having the right contact at that special place. Please, keep in mind that you should not see individuals as tools but rather acquaintances that may or may not help you shape your future.


Learn to Fail

Once you have chosen what seems like the right path for you at that moment and time, do not look back. Failure is part of life and in the real world, how you deal with hard-hitting scenarios shapes how you act once the momentary drawbacks disappear and you are surrounded by success.

Take your journey towards maturity as a learning curve and embrace the challenges you are undergoing with positive thoughts.

Our company aims to provide students with the best possible experience during their stay in the UK. Contact us if you require any additional guidance 🙂


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