The transition from college to university can be quite tricky, especially when it comes to shifting from a full timetable with lots of classes and deadlines to only studying a few hours per weeks in lectures and seminars. You may find that at university you will have too much free time, that so called “me time” and wonder to yourself “What are the right ways to fill it up?” The important thing is that you do not want to end up wasting time on the couch watching Netflix and having no purpose or challenge in your life.
So, if you find yourself in this situation or want to make a change and stop watching Netflix all day/night, here are a few ideas of what you could do in your spare time.

1. Study

You will have to study on your own besides regularly attending lectures as the information taught is not sufficient for you to have a thorough understanding of the subject. Therefore, make use of your highlighters and read those textbooks. If you can’t focus at home, then hit the library as you will find less distractions there.

2. Get a Job

Having a part-time job while at university can be a challenge that I recommend to all students. Trying to fit your working hours in your timetable may be complicated and you can find work rather tiring and is some cases boring. However, working means an extra income, all to spend on whatever you want. In addition, it can represent a good and useful experience which will definitely teach you a few things and let you get an idea of the job market and give you valued experience.

3. Learn a Language

With so much free time, you can also opt for studying a foreign language. This is the period when you still have time to study it, especially as there are so many language apps out there to help you memorise the new vocabulary and practice it.

4. Work Out

This will occupy your time but you will also do something useful for your health and body.

5. Cook for Yourself

Keeping in line with the above idea of staying healthy; time spent in the kitchen is not wasted time. You could learn how to cook, or if you already knew that, you could eat more slow cooked food and make casseroles for when you are at university so that you would not have to order something greasy and unhealthy at the cafeteria. Moreover, this is a great way of saving money.

6. Start your own Business

If you have any business idea, try to sell it to your peers. If you are confident about it, try to pitch it to investors and if you have money to invest, then do not hesitate to do so as the experience you will gain is invaluable.

7. Have a Break

Doing any of the above will fill your timetable and sometimes make you feel like there is no free time left for you. As a solution, you could have some breaks from studying or any of the above and indulge in a TV-series episode or two. Other great break activities could be going out with your friends, watching a movie at the cinema or just going out for a walk.
As you can see, your “me time” can be more fun and much more of a learning experience if you do not spend it all watching Netflix shows.

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