So far, most guides on how to prepare for starting your studies at a university in the UK focus on what it’s best to do. This article, however, takes a different approach when it comes to packing your stuff and moving away from home by advising you what not to include in your suitcase.

1. Kitchenware – unless you are planning to be the next Marta Stewart or Jamie Oliver and your degree has nothing to do with cooking, forget about all the 10 piece sets you were used at home. A bowl and a plate will suffice, make two of them in case you know you are lazy and will not be washing them immediately after having used them. You will not need a garlic crusher, a whisker or measuring cups. Do bring the potato masher though and if you fancy, a steamer basket as well (it makes cooking vegetables a fast and healthy process). Everything else, you can count on not needing them and since you will be sharing the flat with other people, you can be sure that your flatmates might have what you require and vice versa.

2. Iron – while at home you are used to having your clothes all neatly ironed, this will simply remain a wish during your time at university. You may have the good intention to iron clothes, but you will not find the time and energy to bother, so in most of the cases, an iron is not necessary. If you really need to iron your clothes, someone will lend you one, or ask your college porters or your landlord. If not, a hairdryer works pretty well.

3. Buying textbooks before starting your course – many modules mention in their description what type of textbooks you will be working from throughout the year. However, this does not mean that you must have already bought them by the time you get to your lectures. It might be the case that you will not actually require all textbooks and that the library has sufficient copies to borrow. Moreover, there are book fairs organised by senior students where you can buy second-hand copies at discounted prices.

4. You can live without some of your home luxuries – This mostly refers to that bedside lamp you are used to or the extra number of cushions you are you used to have on your bed at home. Perhaps a good idea to bring would be, however, a doorstep. That would encourage your neighbours to stop by your door and meet you. It’s a great way to show that you are up for socializing. It is also advisable to bring decorations for your rooms such as a string of fairy lights or some posters.

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