UK Guarantor was launched in 2015 to provide international students with a UK Guarantor, to enable them to rent accommodation. Previously, international students who did not have access to a Guarantor were required to pay all or a large percentage of their rent in advance.

As the scheme proved popular with both international students and the accommodation providers, it was subsequently expanded to include UK students, as increasing numbers of domestic students found it more difficult to find a guarantor willing or able to meet the stringent criteria required of a rent guarantor.

Building on the continued success of the current scheme, we are delighted to announce that it will be expanded to include recent graduates and working professionals in Spring 2019.

Recent Graduates and working professionals who require a guarantor to secure rented accommodation and pay their rent in instalments will be able apply in the same way that students can currently use the service. The requirement to provide a rent guarantor is increasingly common and something UK Guarantor are regularly asked to provide, through a high volume of enquiries on a daily basis.

UK Guarantor will maintain the same simple price structure for working professionals and graduates, with the fee ranging from £249 and capped at £599. The aim is to provide an affordable service, which is accessible to as many people as possible. The application process remains streamlined, with applicants required to provide proof of their identity and evidence of their income, all of which can be completed online.  

To facilitate the transition from student life, recent graduates who have successfully used the UK Guarantor scheme for the duration of their University studies will be able to access the scheme for free for the first year after graduation.

To register your interest in the new scheme, and request further information please email

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