There are a few things that you should do as a student at a UK university in order to fully identify yourself as someone who can proudly state: “I have graduated from a UK University!
You can think of this article as a bucket list or as a guide outlining the steps of being the “Ultimate Student“.

1 – Enjoy everything that SU has to offer

The Student Union is perhaps one of the most popular places at University. You may have heard of it before, maybe if your parents attended a university in UK or you may have learned about it during Fresher’s Week. A Student Union represents the common umbrella under which all societies plan and get approval for their activities. In addition, the Student Union building may also feature a bar, cafeteria, shops or a gig venue. So get involved, join a society, have a night out at the SU bar or go to one of the gigs taking place in the building. You will soon begin to feel the spirit of your University’s SU.

2 – Make the most of your student discount!

You may not believe it but your student discount which you are entitled to through NUS applies to almost anything you can think of, from clothes to electronics, drinks and food to even traveling by train. Make sure you are aware of any discounts or offers which will enable you to bag a bargain.

3 – Wear University designed clothes

Be proud of your university! As the UK is quite a rainy country with many cloudy days your University hoodie will bring you the comfort and warmth you need. Make sure you wear it enough times before you graduate because once you finish university, wearing it will never be the same…

4 – Find your perfect spot to learn

You may be surprised by the places where some people choose to study. Every building of the university can accommodate your needs. Some choose to claim a couch in a building’s lobby for an entire day, while others choose to sit on the stairs – the choice is yours. There are those who study at home and those who study in the cafeteria as well. Just make sure that you find your own special place, who knows, you may even find your library crush as well!

5 – Speak to a careers’ adviser

UK Universities compete between themselves trying to offer the best Careers Service. You may have already guessed the answer to why they are doing this. Their ranking position largely depends on how successful and quick their graduates are in securing a job after finishing university. Therefore, this service is definitely there to benefit you and you should take the opportunity and consult a careers’ adviser as many times as you need.

6 – Go to fancy dress socials

You will find plenty of this in the UK, not just on Halloween night, so make sure you attend at least some of these. You may wonder why this matters, but it is perhaps the best way to meet new people and have a good time. In the case of fancy dress events, the event itself is livelier with people wearing hilarious costumes and making fun of each other.

7 – Throw a party at your house

You are not enjoying the student life if you do not host a party at your place and have to confront the landlord later the same week and explain how the disaster in your house is not your fault.

8 – Eat fast food

It is quite typical for students to eat fast food after a night out. You won’t be able to miss the queues forming outside a fast food retailer as everyone leaves the city and goes back home. Try sampling kebabs, burgers or chips at least once.
I am sure that the list can go on, but the most important things have already been mentioned. If you decide to do these, then you are definitely a step closer to being a proud graduate of a UK University.

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