With summer approaching fast, it’s still not too late to make plans if you don’t have any. One option would be to do some volunteering either within the UK or abroad. You could get free food and accommodation in exchange for labour, all while doing some traveling as well. If you think you are up for an adventure in volunteering then here are a few tips that you should be aware of before signing the contract.

1. Internet

The internet may not always be the most useful or reliable resource for getting information. Make sure that what you read online is also confirmed by someone and written in the contract.

2. Reviews

Look at the scheme’s reviews! If they have a lot of negative reviews then there may be some issues with that specific scheme, on the upside if there are a lot of positive ones that can help reassure you that it is a trustworthy voluntary scheme.

3. Friends

Join together with some friends. This will make the experience a lot better and will help you adapt to changes quicker and you can all experience a shared adventure.

4. Manual Labour

Be prepared for manual labour. You must know that volunteering sometimes involves working with your hands and getting stuck in.

5. Research

Make sure you know what you are signing up for! If you are required to work, then you cannot really complain about it. You will definitely have time for travelling as well at the end of your scheme.

6. Learn the language

This is applicable for volunteering experiences outside the UK. It is good to know the basics of the local language both because it would help you get around and it would help you understand and communicate with the locals.

7. Bring a snack

You may not like all the food provided there so make sure that you always have something good to eat with you.

8. Provide feedback

At the end of the volunteering experience, do not forget to write a review yourself with regards to whether you recommend the experience to others or not.

9. Have fun!

Whichever scheme it is you opt for, make sure you enjoy the experience!

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