Life at university can be exciting some days, rather repetitive other days. No matter which day, there are some things that you should never do while at university.

1. Don’t miss a Deadline

If you think that lecturers are understanding then you are mistaken! Deadlines are supposed to be what their name suggests, a time and a date when you are supposed to submit your coursework. Not meeting a deadline means you may as well be considered dead in front of the assessors as they did not receive your work. You will score a zero and most likely lose the chance to get a first in that specific module. There are ways to extend your deadline, but remember that this can only be done in extreme circumstances.

2. Don’t forget to Reference your Coursework

If there is something that you will repeatedly hear while at university it will be the word plagiarism. Before starting working on your coursework you will be given a lecture of how to complete it and each lecturer will also sneak in some notes on plagiarism and its consequences. There are stories of people who have been thrown out of university following an act of plagiarism, although I can imagine that they were not writing a simple essay but more likely they have undertaken some sort of research which lacked original content. The main idea is to never copy another persons work – EVER! The university’s checking system always picks it up if you do not reference the information included from its source.

3. Don’t forget your Student Card

It is safer to keep it with you because as long as you are a student, you never know when your plans change and you may need it. Your student card can be used as an access swipe card to enter many buildings and libraries on campus, as a discount card in many shops and it must always be used together with your bus pass in order to prove your identity. As you know, due to your student status you enjoy all sorts of discounts and concessions. Discounts can be used in stores which means that if you decide to be impulsive, it would be better for you and your pocket to have that student card with you. In addition, you also need to show the card when you sit your exams or submit any type of coursework. It is more or less an indispensable tool. Last but not least, take care not to lose it as you would be charged for a replacement.

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