If you are considering studying in the UK, now is the time to make some decisions. You may be aware that the UCAS application deadline is the 15th of January. This is the deadline by which the majority of those who are looking to a degree will need to make a decision on which courses to apply for.

Studying In the UK

As an international student you may well have some additional time to make your decision. Many Universities will accept International students after the January deadline and much closer to the course start date. While this provides you with some flexibility it is also important not to leave it too late as you will need to arrange student accommodation in the UK and organise a visa .

Making the decision

If you are struggling to make a decision there are plenty of online resources available to support you through the process. One of the best ways of doing this is to use the Unistats website . In the UK this is currently the official way of comparing Universities and courses. It is a vital resource if you are considering studying in the UK as it is based on the direct feedback of thousands of students.

Specialist Courses

It is important to be aware that in the UK many courses are very specialised. This offers you the opportunity to focus on your chosen subject from day one. However, as UCAS point out some courses will offer more flexibility so it is important to read the detailed description of the course on the University website. In addition, if you have the luxury of the time and the money UCAS run a comprehensive series of events at which you can meet directly with the Universities you are interested in.

More research

One further resource you should be aware of is the Which University Guide As an international student planning to study in the UK, you might not be familiar with the Which brand. However, many UK students will use this resource as a trusted source of information which is endorsed by the National Union of Students (NUS). The NUS  exist to promote and protect the interests of all students studying in the UK. Their endorsement should provide you with plenty of confidence that you can trust this information.

Course quality and University Reputation

UK Guarantor run regular surveys on student attitudes. These includes research among UK students and International students. Overwhelmingly these students have told us that they make their choices based on the suitability of the course and the quality of the University. Choosing a suitable course ensures you will enjoy the experience and selecting a quality University will enhanced your career prospects. The feedback we have is that outside of these main factors everything else is not very important.

UK Guarantor View

If you are planning to study in the UK on a fixed budget we recommend thinking carefully about the wider costs. In particular, we would advise thinking very carefully about studying in London. The UK’s capital has some amazing Universities, but the cost of living is very high. Studying outside of London will save a lot of money and, outside of the elite UK Universities, you can access a similar standard of education.

University Rankings

A good example is Manchester. The UK’s second city can compete with London for its vibrancy of student life, with significantly lower living costs. As you can see from the latest University rankings  you can save money, without sacrificing quality.

The importance of accommodation when studying in the UK

The key factor driving up living costs in London is accommodation. As you can see from our recent article  it is much more expensive to find accommodation in London that in the rest of the UK. Furthermore, after the direct costs of studying, accommodation will be your second biggest expense. It is also important to be aware that without a UK Guarantor in place you may be asked to pay all of your rent in advance, which can add a further burden.

Overall cost of study

If you are currently making decision about studying in the UK there are lots of reliable sources of information to assist you. There are two key factors to consider – the course and the University reputation. Once you have narrowed down these factors, consider cost. In particular the cost of accommodation which will be your second biggest, after the direct costs of study. Remember, UK Guarantor can help you find accommodation and avoid paying your rent in advance 

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