Setting up all of the things to make your life in the UK run smoothly isn’t always easy, so let us help! Read the top 5 things to do upon arrival in the UK.

Open a Bank Account

Lucky for you, most banks offer free students accounts with proof of enrollment in university. Find a bank that best suits your needs in terms of location, service, and perks, and be sure to find out about mobile and online options. (**NatWest offers free Railcards to students 16 – 25).

Purchase a Phone or SIM Card

If you’ve got a new smartphone you should be able to just insert a UK SIM card into it—start out with a £10 or £20 monthly top-up that gives you various texting, calling and data options. If your phone isn’t UK compatible, all phone companies will have a wide range of options in-store.

Set up a Doctor’s Appointment

Full-time students are eligible for free healthcare. When you receive your National Healthcare Services (NHS) number, find an NHS clinic near you that is taking on patients. Your university will be able to help you, or you can visit the NHS website:

Find a Reliable Mode of Transportation

Unless you live close to university, you will use a bike, train, or bus to get around. Invest in a yearlong student bus pass, or a Railcard (which will save you 30% on all train trips). If public transportation isn’t your thing, biking is a great way to get from point A to point B and stay in shape!

Get to know your Route and Schedule

The worst way to start the school year is getting lost on campus or being late to class. Map out your route to school if you’re walking or biking, so that you know exactly where you’re going. And be sure to print out your class schedule!

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