Housemates – can’t live with them, literally can’t afford to live without them. At UK Guarantor, we know shared houses can be stressful, especially when you all have busy schedules and different priorities. To make living together a little easier and fairer, UK Guarantor compiled a list of the top five apps for sharers.

Splitwise – (web, iOS and Android)

Keep track of your household spending, split rent and utilities with ease with Splitwise. It is a free tool for friends and housemates to stay on top of shared expenses; the app tallies up who paid what and sends reminders at the end of the month to settle debts.  You can also make multiple groups and a handy check-splitting function that you can use to divvy up the bill when you’re out. Splitwise is even partnered with Paypal and Venmo allowing you to settle up through the app. Money arguments be gone!

Venmo – (web, iOS and Android)

Venmo is a handy little app with a variety of functions. It lets you pay friends and family instantly using money you have in Venmo or can link directly to your bank account. You can shop online, buy directly in apps (it is partnered with a range of companies from Uber Eats to Urban Outfitters!) and split bills with your contacts without ever taking out your wallet! What’s more, it also let’s you rain cash on your housemates with Stacks.

OurHome – (iOS and Android)

Forget the passive aggressive post-it notes – OurHome organises your household chores through assigning tasks and co-ordinating schedules. You can enter events into a shared calendar to stay coordinated. The app also rotates who gets stuck with changing the bins by sending handy notifications directly to your phone. OurHome will put an end to nagging once and for all!

Wunderlist – (desktop, iOS, Windows Phone and Android)

Wunderlist is a lifesaver. It can organise home tasks, work and life on separate lists, making it a catch-all app for managing your life while you’re at university. It has countless useful features. Wunderlist allows you to prioritise certain activities or items of your shopping list, assign tasks to specific people, add due dates, reminders, notes and even upload files to tasks.  We at UK Guarantor love that it is multiplatform; Wunderlist can be accessed from almost anywhere as it is supported on most phones, tablets and even desktop. Procrastination will be a thing of the past.

WikiHow – (online, iOS, Windows Phone and Android)

As the old joke goes, how many students does it take to change a lightbulb? Two. One to change it and one to crack under the pressure. With WikiHow, you’ll never have to stress out about any home maintenance. The app has over 150,000 step-by-step articles will guide you through choosing a good housemate, cleaning and organising your home, throwing a successful house party, commuting or even writing your essays for university!

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