No, I have not been accepted to Hogwarts, but I am quite sure that my first letter of acceptance from a British university has made me feel as happy as if I would have been invited to enter the La-La Land of Harry Potter. This was happening some time at the end of November so imagine my surprise when I got a positive response only 3 weeks after sending out my application.
After having checked the email twice, I realised that indeed one of the universities I applied to had offered me a conditional place onto the course I applied for. The reason why I say it was a conditional offer is simply because I was conditioned to achieve a minimum grade in my final year exams. This meant that once I proved this to the university, my place would have been confirmed and I would have no longer been a prospective student but an official student of that university.
All I needed was one university to accept my application and having achieved this, I could focus on meeting those conditions and making more research on the university that accepted me. Blame me, but I was really curious about how I could book my accommodation, how the buildings I would be studying in looked like, when I would be starting university, which modules I would be taking precisely, etc. Therefore, reading is what I did. I also became more active in the social media space of the university, learned more about its Students’ Union, the deadlines for applying for accommodation within the University Halls of Residence and for choosing my optional modules.
Meanwhile, I decided to still keep an eye on my application to the other four universities, hoping to hear from those too. Having more universities to choose from meant that I could have a firm option and an backup one in case I did not meet the conditions imposed by the university selected to be my firm choice.
An acceptance letter can only energise you so much, but two or more can give you broader options and the peace of mind that you would be going to study in the UK for sure. Therefore, I was definitely looking forward to winter and the good news I could only hope it would bring with its coming.

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