With over 15 years of experience of the student accommodation market in the UK, UK Guarantor have access to detailed information on the price of student accommodation in the UK.
The average prices are as follows
– A room in a house share will cost on average £88 per week
– A room in a University hall of residence costs on average £145 per week
– A room in a Private Hall of residence costs on average £168 per week
However, in the UK the rental price per week will vary dramatically depending on which part of the country you choose to study. A good example is Private Halls of residence. If London is excluded the average weekly rent is £145 – the average price of a room in a Private Hall in London is £280.
Therefore you can see from this brief example that where you choose to study will have a dramatic impact on your accommodation costs. London is particularly expensive and to add a further complication there is a relative shortage of rooms in shared housing in the capital so it can make it difficult to find a cheaper room.
This is one of the reasons that large numbers of UK students choose cities such as Manchester and Leeds to study in. They offer the benefits of the larger city without the cost – a room in a house share in Manchester will cost around £90 per week for example.
If you are looking for some advice on accommodation costs or would like us to help you find a place to live contact us at support@ukguarantor.com.

Updated 19/03/2019.

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