Freshers’ can be a pretty intense period. If you make the most of it though it can really set you up for your first year at University. Here’s our advice on making the most of your freshers’.

Meet as many people as possible

 Freshers’ week is the most socially acceptable week of the year to walk up to strangers and introduce yourself. Start off by befriending everybody in your block. If you’re nervous, it can be easier to befriend one flatmate and then go around in a pair. Together, knock on everybody’s door in your block. This is a great way of meeting lots of people from different countries. Look out for people on your course, so you have a friend to go to your first lectures or socials with. Some of these people might end up being friends for life!


Join societies

 This is an obvious one, but so rewarding. Spend a lot of time in freshers’ fair looking at all the stalls – being a fresher means you have the chance to try something new. Societies will be friendly and help you to improve your skills. It’s a great way of meeting a new circle of friends, and socials could be weekly. Join your course society, a sport or hobby, and maybe a charity or campaigning society for a good mix. It doesn’t hurt to sign your name up and see if it’s for you, before paying joining fees!

Make the most of the nightlife

 Even if you don’t like to drink, it is the best way to build friendships at uni. If you do drink, then don’t go too crazy. This means that you can enjoy more nights out during the week. Freshers’ events are always the busiest, so make sure you swap numbers with your flatmates in case you lose them!

If you don’t like to go out, that’s fine! But make an effort to go to the predrinks in your block. You can still have a laugh, and then pop back to your room when they continue on to the club.

Decorate your room

Avoid pangs of homesickness by filling your room with comforts. We have some great blogs on making a student environment feel like a home on a budget. Your week will be busy, so we advise arriving early to halls so you can get unpacking out of the way!

Explore the city

Homesickness might kick in, but this is a chance to explore a new city. Take a few hours to walk around and have lunch somewhere new. This can be fun alone, or with your new flatmates. Take the longest and most scenic route to the city centre that you can find. Maybe look for parks or nice places to relax in for the future.

Get to know the campus

 Have a walk around campus and note where all the buildings are. Familiarise yourself with where you’ll need to be for your first lectures. This way, you’ll avoid running late on an early morning. Check out your student union, and see what’s available. Services, advice, food, shops – it’s all good to know!

Eat dinner with your flatmates

If you’re in catered accommodation, go to dinner at the same time and all share a big table. If you’re self-catered, suggest cooking a big meal together. This is more communal, and will help you (and everybody else) to settle in quicker. If someone is too shy to come out, knock on their door and ask if they’d like to join in.

Stay healthy

This is important! Freshers’ flu is almost inevitable, so make sure you register with your local doctor. Keep your immune system strong. During the day, remember the basics like keeping hydrated and eating a balanced diet. If possible, catch up on missed sleep! Join the gym, keep fit, and detox.

By making the most of your freshers’ week, you’re setting yourself up for a great year. Make sure you know where you’re going, so you never get lost in the future. Spend your time building your friendships. You’ll guarantee a healthy state of mind, and a comfortable new home for the next year.

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