As I mentioned in one of my previous articles; being a student has its privileges when it comes to shopping of any kind. As long as you have proof of being a student, i.e. your student card or NUS card, you could benefit from these privileges. This article sheds some light on such benefits which may be useful to know during your time at university.

1. McDonald’s

I enjoy indulging in fast food from time to time, you need look no further for a good place to eat when it comes to McDonalds. Everyone knows of McDonalds and their taste is pretty distinctive from other fast food chains. Moreover, at McDonald’s you can enjoy a free McFlurry, hamburger or cheeseburger anytime you buy a meal if you show your student card!

2. Yo! Sushi

If you however enjoy Japanese food, you may as well make Yo! Shusi your favourite place to go. If you sign up to the Love Club you are entitled to a massive discount of 25% every time you visit the restaurant. You just have to show the vouchers you get from signing up to the restaurant either on your phone or in hard copy by printing them.

3. Foyles

If there is any reading you want to do but would rather buy the book instead of reading it online or borrowing it from the university library, then Foyles is the place to go to. You get 10% off when buying in store and 5% off when shopping online. All you need to do is to sign up with you student card and you can enjoy the perks of paying less.

4. New Look

If you like clothes and accessories from New Look, then I have some good news for you. While you may not consider it much, you can still get 10% off your purchases if you enter your student number when you check out. This is valid for both in-store and online shopping.

5. Apple

It is perhaps the best discount you can get if you decide to buy a laptop. Getting an Apple Mac product enables you to benefit from a 15% off student discount which can be quite considerable when it comes to paying a few hundred pounds on a laptop.

These are only five good examples of places where you could enjoy paying less than the usual because of your status as a student. It may happen that the store where you usually do your shopping offers a student discount but they do not really advertise it. Therefore, when paying for your purchases, do not shy away from asking whether they offer discounts to students, you may have a nice surprise!

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