This website has been created by UKCISA (the UK Council for International Student Affairs). They are effectively an organisation set up to support international students. is an online tool which has been developed to help international students prepare for aspects of UK University study that may be different to what they may be used to. It is also intended to answer any questions you might have about studying in the UK and is able to help you to improve your language skills at the same time.

The international student calculator has been developed to help students coming to the UK work out how to manage their money and to create a useful budget for their time in the UK. It was created by a British based charity, Brightside and has gained a reputation as being one of the most useful tools for international students.

One of the things that many international students struggle with is finding accommodation if they do not get a place in a University Halls of Residence. is the original student accommodation website and covers everything from Private Halls of Residence, through to house shares and spare rooms. This is the best place to look if you are trying to find a great place to live – particularly if you need somewhere at short notice.

There are many benefits to studying in the UK. One of them is that there are a lot of discounts around for students. Probably the best website is which has big list of discounts on it and is free to use. If you would prefer to get a discount card, is the recognised international discount card and NUS Extra is the main UK backed scheme. It is also worth noticing that many UK retailers will accept your University registration card as an acceptable proof of student status. is a brilliant referencing tool, which has been created to enable students to more easily collect your research and reference it more quickly. It is a relatively new service but one that is rapidly becoming indispensable to students. Best of all its free to use for the basic edition.

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