With plans to study in the UK, I thought it would be really useful to go get prepared for life in the UK. One important factor consisted of communication with the locals and to make sure I understood them well enough, I began to explore British slang in more detail. Below you can find some of the most commonly used words British people use on a daily basis.
Mate – it shows endearment and affection towards the other person you address. It is usually used within circles of friends and it can be substituted for the American “buddy”, “pal” or “dude”.
Gutted – if you are gutted about a situation means to be devastated or deeply saddened by what has been happening.
Cock Up – this term is far away in meaning from the lewdness its name suggests; it refers to a big mistake or epic failure.
Blinding – it does not have anything to do with the harmful effect on eyesight. If something is characterised as blinding, it is actually superb, wonderful.
Lost the Plot – contrary to understanding the narrative of a story, this term in British slang refers to getting really mad at something.
Cheers – besides the usual connotation of “celebration” when toasting a drink with someone, it also means “thank you”.
Ace – if something or someone is ace, then they are brilliant or excellent.
Taking the Piss – you might not believe it but in British slang this phrase actually means mocking someone.
Nice One – you should pay attention as this phrase is more often than not used in a sarcastic way.
Rubbish – it is often used to express disbelief in something to the point of ridicule.

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