International students studying in the UK are often required to provide a UK based guarantor. This is a person who is resident in the UK and who will take responsibility for paying rent in the event that the student who has taken the room does not pay.

The problem

Many international students do not have access to a UK Guarantor and as a result are required to pay all of their rent in advance. This can be problematic for some students as the sums involved can be significant. In London, a popular University City for international students, the average rent in a shared house is £7,228 p.a. while a private hall of residence is likely to be in the region of £12,000. Even in traditionally less expensive, northern Cities such as Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield the cost of a studio room in a Private Hall is around £10,000 p.a.

Ukguarantor Company

The solution is simple. The UK Guarantor service has been established to act as a UK based guarantor for international students, enabling you to pay rent in more manageable instalments. These instalments are either monthly or quarterly, depending on the residence selected. This eases the burden on finances during the early stages of the academic year and enables you to make the most of your time in the UK.

Helping you

Applying to UK Guarantor is simple and the fee starts from £249. We can even assist you in finding accommodation that meets your needs.

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