Even though we are only just approaching the end of first semester and second year seems like a long way off, it is never too early to start looking for next year’s accommodation. Securing the right accommodation and house mates can have a significant impact on your university experience…so start your search early.

Here is a guide of what to keep in mind when you start to look:

#1 Work out your budget:

You have to practical when it comes to deciding how much you want to spend on your accommodation. It is not just the cost of your rent you have to factor in, it is also all the hidden costs from the bills as well. Sharing a house with your friends is a perfect way to keep costs down, especially as splitting the bills can potentially save you some money in the long run.

#2 Pick the people:

This is probably the most important factor. Carefully pick who you want to live with to avoid petty arguments, pick people who have things in common with you. If you like going out a lot maybe it is best not to share with someone who does not, coming in late and being noisy is an argument waiting to happen. Granted you may not have forged strong bonds yet or found a group that you really want to live with, but there is no harm in being proactive and organised. If you are genuinely struggling to find people to share with, then private halls may be a good alternative option for you.

#3 Location is key:

Know your location! Getting up for a 9AM is hard enough as it is, you don’t need the added pressures of a lengthy commute to add to your troubles. Check out the local area and see how close your amenities (transport/supermarkets/etc) are and see how close to campus you are as well. Most major cities have a specific are dedicated to the student population so finding a house or flat shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Start your search with Accommodation for Students: (https://www.accommodationforstudents.com/default.asp?gclid=eaiaiqobchmi5uixlq311wivt7xtch33vwaaeaayaiaaegjqq_d_bwe)

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