Surfing the internet for anything that can help you improve and enjoy your student life can lead you to stumbling upon websites which have no credibility and foundation to what they are claiming. In order to prevent this, you can find below some trustworthy student websites which can assist you with various information that may ease your student life.

Cite This For Me

Writing essay is painful enough, especially when the deadline is in a few days and all you can focus on are some new TV series. So, why add the pain of writing the references for the essay as well? A good solution to this issue is to either use the built-in bibliography tool in Word, but for those who would rather appeal to a simpler method, they could just use Cite this for me. This website writes your bibliography but it can also check your references and ensure that no plagiarism will be picked up by the university.

Student Recipes

Since you need to cook for yourself you may also require a recipes website. Student Recipes understands that your time and budget are limited, this website has numerous filters that allows you to find the perfect quick and cheap recipes for you.

Money Saving Expert

Speaking about living on a student budget, Money Saving Expert considers itself to be “dedicated to cutting your bills and fighting your corner through journalistic research, cutting-edge tools and a massive community”. While the website does not target students specifically, it does have a small section where it tackles a few financial aspects of student life such as your student loan and how it works.


Studentbeans aims to offer students the greatest discounts in UK for food, clothing, entertainment and traveling. Moreover, it also shows students what they can get for free, such as free lunches or various vouchers. Highly recommended!

Save the Student

Save the Student helps you manage your money and it specifically targets students. Moreover, it offers checklists when looking for student accommodation, paying bills, moving to university, etc.

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