Discounts are a key feature of student life in the UK. Once upon a time you needed a student card to access the best ones, now though you can access some great money saving offers for free. Here are five of the best ones

10% of your food and groceries 

This one is a no-brainer, save on your food budget by using the Unidays Morrison’s offer. Unidays is free to sign up and register with. You will need to be a full time student (they do check this) but it is well worth the effort because….

10% of ASOS 

You can also get 10% of student favourite ASOS, as well as a whole host of other student friendly fashion retailers. It’s well worth signing up to this website today

£5 off Student Rail Cards

Rail travel in the UK can get pretty expensive, particularly if you want to travel frequently between cities. A Young Person’s Railcard gets you 1/3rd off rail travel if you are in full time study (you don’t need to be under 25). If you use Student Money Saver you can also get £5 off the initial £30 cost of purchasing the card.  It is well worth keeping your eye on student money saver as they have regular short term money saving offers for students.

35% off Domino’s Pizza 

Domino’s pizza is a bit of a student staple in the UK. They regularly target offers to students and this is a great example from another student discount site Student beans have a number of offers on take away food for students at the moment including Pappa Johns and KFC.

Technology Deals

Both Apple and Amazon have their own student offers which are now available directly from their websites. You can check the Amazon offer here and the Apple discount (up to 15% off some products) is explained in more detail here

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