Are you currently a final year student wondering what to do after you graduate? Application deadlines passing you by or you are genuinely perplexed about where to go in the future? So many questions and running out of time? Why not spend another year at university, whilst figuring out what to do? Either way a Masters or PhD will only enhance your career prospects and help you stand out from the competition.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider:

#1 The most obvious and the most important one – you’ll be better qualified at the end of it. 

The longer you study, the more qualified you will be. A postgraduate qualification can only be an immense asset when it comes to competing in the current job market. Completing a Masters or PhD will not only help you specialise in your chosen field, it will help you acquire a wealth of experience and new skills that your undergrad degree didn’t equip you with. What’s more, data suggests that postgraduate degrees are valued by employers, and could help you to secure a higher salaried job in the future.

#2 Funding. 

Both Masters and PhD courses are now funded by a postgraduate loan, meaning that there is no better time to apply for a postgraduate course. Many universities offer their own funding schemes for postgrad course that could see you receive some discount on your fees so utilise your options whilst they are on offer.

#3 Career Path. 

Often a postgraduate course can help you discover your career path. There is less contact time on postgrad courses, meaning that you have time to schedule work experience or work part-time, but for a company that might be worthwhile to your career aspirations. Often your modules can help you identify what you find interesting and highlight areas you want to study in more depth. The flexibility of a postgraduate course definitely a major advantage, whilst you work through your ambivalence. Specialisation can only enhance your job prospects and path, after all they do say ‘do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life’.

#4 University Holidays. 

Probably one of the biggest advantages of postgraduate study, Masters and PhD students can expect to experience similar holidays to undergraduate courses. You will work hard during term time, but you will the freedom to decide how and when you work during the semester. Surely that beats the 28 days of annual leave that most full-time jobs offer. You can’t go wrong with more holiday time.

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