Whilst studying at University in the UK it would be a pity not to enjoy the culture, places and lifestyle that Britain has to offer. This article comes up with a few ideas about what the UK can offer you besides top rated education.

Visit other areas in the UK

If you are far away from home and in unexplored territory, why not explore the UK? This is something you want to consider while you still have the opportunity to travel. Spare a few weekends in your timetable each semester and leave them free to investigate areas within the UK. The UK is made up of many parts: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Establish where to visit in the UK (there is a lot, so this is the difficult part) and make arrangements to leave your University’s town and explore other cities and areas.
When you have completed your studies you will have plenty of stories to talk about when you return home for holidays and the subjects will not just only include the fun you had in your university town but also what else you have discovered since leaving home.

Eat Something New

The UK is such an international state that the mix of culture can definitely be experienced through the food you choose to eat. Food may not be a passion for some, but the best advice would be for all of you to experience the different tastes and flavours of various cultures. From Indian and Thai, to Mexican and Turkish food you can find speciality restaurants pretty much everywhere in the UK. You can find your favourite dish and learn about the culinary preferences of different countries.

Party like the British

The UK has its own partying culture and it may be very different from what you do back at home. Here, the idea behind a good night out has its foundations in pre-drinks; students gathering in one place (for example someones house) having some drinks and socialising before going out. After pre-drinks the group heads out to a club/pub to dance and socialise with people you may never speak to afterwards, which makes it all the more enjoyable. This advice also extends to the fact that you have to try a variety of lager throughout your time at university, attend parties every night for one week or go to concerts from time to time and perhaps even meet a celebrity.
As you can see, there are a various past time activities to enjoy in UK and each would eventually teach you something, just like you university lectures do. Therefore, there is no reason not to travel, eat out as much as you want, party and go to concerts with you friends.

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