If you are one of those students whose bank account considerably shrinks at the end of each month, then this article should be a good read for you. Below you can find some advice concerning money saving and how you can do it yourself.

1. Evening Shopping

One of my previous articles about eating healthy and cheap food mentions that shopping in the evening is less expensive. This is true as during the evening supermarkets have many discounts going for various products whose sell-by date is close.

2. Reduce the Alcohol

If there is anything that students spend a large sum of money on a monthly basis that is alcohol, so good advice would be to party the same but drink less. It will help with your health as well.

3. Put on a Jumper

While it is really cold outside, there is no need for you to stay in a T-shirt inside. Put on a hoodie and you will cut some of your utility bills.

4. Don’t Purchase a TV Licence

Needless to say that you have your laptop and you will be so busy either studying or partying that the TV will be long forgotten and the money spent on the licence could be used on something else.

5. Use a Sim Only Deal

Forget about contracts as you will end up paying double than what you pay for a sim deal only. It usually takes you only £10 – £12 to get the unlimited option on a sim deal.

6. Buy Old Books

A new year at university comes with a need for new books, which are never cheap. However, you can cut some of these costs if you buy books from older students who are looking to sell them on.

7. Get a Bike

You should know that biking to the university instead of purchasing an annual bus pass is cheaper and is good exercise for you as well.

As you can see, there are a few tricks which can definitely help you save some money. While you may not feel much of a difference at the beginning, once you truly immerse yourself in following the advice above, you will realize that in the past, you used to spend more and that you are better off now.

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