Helpful tips for studying in the UK, plus handy city guides

Studying In Birmingham

Thinking of studying in Birmingham? Read our comprehensive guide to the Universities and how to make the most of the city. The University of Birmingham occupies the following positions in the world ranking proposed by the various league tables: World ranking Type of league table 101 – 150 The Academic Ranking of World Universities 119

Guide to Nottingham

Are you considering studying in the UK? UK Guarantor have put together a comprehensive series of guides to major Universities and University cities in the UK. Read on for everything you need to know about Nottingham including tips on UK student accommodation.

Guide To London

Considering studying in the UK’s capital next year? We have put together a comprehensive guide to London Universities and included a guide to this great student city.

Guide To Liverpool

Thinking about studying in Liverpool next year? Find out more about this great student city with our comprehensive guide.

Guide To Manchester

To assist those of you who are currently considering applying to University in the UK we have put together a comprehensive guide to living and studying in the city. We have taken data from the various University rankings to help you make a decision on which is the best University for you and we have asked current Manchester students to produce a comprehensive guide to living in the city.

UK Guarantor - Setting Up Your Life in the UK

Setting up your Life in the UK

Setting up all of the things to make your life in the UK run smoothly isn’t always easy, so let us help! Read the top 5 things to do upon arrival in the UK such as opening a bank account, purchasing a phone, registering with a doctor and so on…

UK Guarantor - Top 10 British things to do

Top 10 British things to do

At UK Guarantor we are always looking to help our students settle in the UK. Here are a list of 10 activities to try and sample a bit of British culture…

UK Guarantor - Accommodation Search

Accommodation Search

It can be daunting moving to a foreign country alone when you don’t know anyone. There are so many things to think about before you start University too, with accommodation probably the most important. The whole process of finding a place to live is confusing for the majority of students as it’s their first experience of doing so; let alone if you’re international, but we want to help you find the accommodation that’s right for you, as easily and stress-free as possible…

UK Guarantor - Guide to Visa's

Guide to Visa’s

You’ve been accepted to the school of your dreams in the UK, so now what? Now it’s time to start the process of obtaining your visa. Although this task may seem daunting, we’ve compiled a brief list of helpful advice to guide you through the immigration process…

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