Why do international students require a UK Guarantor? How much of an issue is it?

While not much outlined by universities guides, the UK Guarantor issue prevails in the student let market. It is international students, i.e. both EU and non-EU students which are confronted with this issue as they are asked to provide a UK Guarantor when renting student accommodation in the UK.

Firstly, a UK Guarantor is a third party, such as a UK-based parent or close relative, who agrees to pay your rent if you the international student does not pay it. By providing a UK Guarantor, the landlord/agency may take the permission to check whether the guarantor is eligible to pay the rent, for example, by carrying out a credit check or looking into their annual income from the documents provided by the guarantor himself. The guarantee agreement has to be in writing by legal requirement. The document, signed by the Guarantor, sets out his legal obligations in case the tenant enters arrears.

Now, while UK students have it easy as they can provide a member of their family or close relative as a guarantor who is UK-based, international student do not. In most of the cases, international students do not have any UK-based person to guarantee their rental payments. Moreover, it is often after international students find a property to rent in the UK that they find out about the need for a UK-based guarantor.

Therefore in many (but not all) cases international students require a UK-based guarantor in order to rent accommodation in the UK in order to assure the landlord that rent is paid no matter the ability of the tenant to do so. This a significant issue for the majority of international students as upon their arrival in the UK, they do not have acquaintances who are eligible or willing to guarantee for them.

If you require an UK Guarantor you can apply today here.

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