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Five Great Places to Study

Choosing the right University can be tricky. It’s a big decision, which is likely to be an investment of at least three years of your time, plus a substantial amount of money. By the time you count your tuition fees, accommodation costs and living expenses you will need to allow for an average of £22,000

The Pros and Cons of Taking a Gap Year

After completing high school, it is typically expected that your next step is a decision between two-paths: university and full-time employment. However, the third option of a gap year is rarely considered. Just like university a gap year isn’t for everyone and takes a lot of research and planning. Here are a few factors to

The do’s and don’ts Of Private Renting

Have you had enough of university accommodation? Fancy something off campus and something that isn’t halls? This is where renting private accommodation comes in, as for many this is a new experience here are the do’s and don’ts in relation to the process. The Do’s… #Use professional services to find your accommodation: Reduce your risk.

Bye Bye Halls…A Guide On How To Choose Your Second Year Accommodation

Even though we are only just approaching the end of first semester and second year seems like a long way off, it is never too early to start looking for next year’s accommodation. Securing the right accommodation and house mates can have a significant impact on your university experience…so start your search early. Here is

The Student’s Guide to Guarantors.

When you are renting student accommodation in the UK, you are likely to be asked to provide a rent Guarantor. This article explains what a Guarantor is, why they are required and how to provide one. What is a Guarantor? A Guarantor is a person, company or organisation that agrees to secure or ‘guarantee’ somebody’s

Top Tips for Time Management

Feel like you are in a never-ending cycle of deadlines? Finishing one assignment to start another, whilst knowing that exams are fast approaching. Time to get organised and think about how to strike the right work life balance between home, university and work. Taking the time to get organised and prioritise your workload will not

4 Reasons To Consider Postgraduate Study.

 Are you currently a final year student wondering what to do after you graduate? Application deadlines passing you by or you are genuinely perplexed about where to go in the future? So many questions and running out of time? Why not spend another year at university, whilst figuring out what to do? Either way a

How to find student accommodation in August.

Many international students start to search for accommodation in the late summer months, often waiting until August to start the search. We know that there are a number of good reasons for this. Quite often students do not get their University place confirmed until the summer and therefore don’t want to make a long term commitment

Moving Out of your student accommodation

At this time of year your thoughts might turn to moving on, from your current accommodation as your tenancy agreement comes to an end and you either return home for the summer, or go off to find your first job after graduating. As ending your tenancy is just as important as starting your tenancy, here

Do you need a Guarantor to rent student accommodation?

Many student properties in the UK will ask you to provide a guarantor if you want to live there. A Guarantor is someone who is prepared to take on the main responsibilities of your rental contract. The Guarantor will be contacted and required to meet those responsibilities if for some reason you can’t. This will

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