If you are an international student who is studying in the UK, or who will be from this September, UK Guarantor have taken the opportunity to highlight a few of the services that are available in the UK that will make your life much easier when you arrive.


UK Guarantor think Unizest are on to something. One of the early problems you will encounter is opening a UK bank account. It is not possible to open an account before you arrive in the UK, which can create a problem during your first few weeks in the country. Once you arrive in the UK, it will take some time (and probably involve queuing at the bank) to open an account. Unizest solve this problem, by enabling you to open their e-current account before you arrive in the UK. Even better Unizest will post your bank card to you before you leave home to travel to the United Kingdom. Unizest also enables you to transfer money internationally at very competitive rates, which means it is a more cost effective for your family to transfer your money to your account, to ensure that you are topped up with cash to spend. You can find out more here


Packing to study in the UK can be pretty challenging, as it is not easy to decide what to bring with you, what to leave behind and what you can fit into your suitcase. UniKitOut solve this problem, by delivering some of the bulky basics you will need in your student accommodation. This service includes bedding and cooking equipment, the larger items that you are definitely going to need but which are a little too big to carry on a plane. Unikitout will deliver to the majority of student residences, meaning you can arrive in the UK and have everything you need in your room.


As an international student you might not have heard of Endsleigh yet. Ask any UK student and you will find out that they are a British Institution. They have specialised in insuring students since 1965 and have an excellent reputation among students. In fact, it is likely that if you are living in a hall of residence you will already have some insurance cover with them, for some of your contents, included within your rent.
Endsleigh have some products and services which have been developed specifically for International students. This includes an insurance package which provides insurance cover in the event that they need to return home – including course fees. It also covers additional medical cover, which, for example will cover the cost flying a family member out to see you if you have a medical emergency. UK Guarantor like this service so much that we have partnered with them here 

Ping Locker

Ping locker is a new service, which has been launched by the participants of one of the UK’s most popular TV shows, The Apprentice. While Stephen Brady didn’t win the competition, UK Guarantor think that he has come up with a winning idea. Ping Locker enables students in a residence to collect and send deliveries with complete flexibility. The service offers high security and you can be confident that if your family send you something it will be received and stored safely. Recently they have started to develop the service and include a concierge service which helps you find your way around your new university town. Find out more here


The international student identity card has been saving students money since the 1950’s. While there are definitely newer, more modern discount offerings, ISIC remains the original international student identity card. The flight savings with ISIC are particularly attractive as it offers money off flights which have flexibility of timing. Currently you can buy an ISIC alongside an NUS Extra card, which offers students thousands of discounts in the UK, for just £12, money you will make back pretty quickly.

UK Guarantor

Taking inspiration from some of the great products and services already available to International Students, UK Guarantor aims to solve a particular problem for international students. Many UK landlords and property owners will ask for a UK based guarantor for your rent, when you sign up for a property.

If you don’t have UK based guarantor then it is likely you will be asked to pay all or some of your rent up front. In many cases this will be several thousand pounds. This can be quite a burden, particularly at the beginning of term when you have got your fees to pay and the general costs of setting up your life in the UK. For just £299 you can have access to UK based guarantor within minutes. Apply online today.

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