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Top study tips for international students

Now you have been in the UK for a few months, you will find that your course gets a bit more intensive, particularly as you might be building up to exams in the early New Year. UK Guarantor have asked the experts to come up with their top five study tips for international students; 1

10 Things You Must Do While Studying in the UK

The UK has so many interesting historical sites to visit and great activities to do; it can be hard to know where to even start. If you’re having that dilemma, begin by taking part in these ten can’t-miss activities. Visit London If you’re not already studying in the UK’s capital city, visiting London should be at

Best Money Saving Offers

Discounts are a key feature of student life in the UK. Once upon a time you needed a student card to access the best ones, now though you can access some great money saving offers for free. Here are five of the best ones 10% of your food and groceries  This one is a no-brainer,

15 British Slang Words and Phrases Every International Student Should Know

UK slang can be difficult for international students to master. Even students who are from English-speaking countries can have trouble getting a grasp on the words and phrases that are exclusive to Britain. If you’re feeling lost, here are some common slang words and phrases that you may hear popping up in conversations. Alright? Almost

UK Guarantor - Top 8 Things to do as a Student at a UK University

Make the most of your time in the UK

  Self Study Outside of your first few weeks at University you might find that contact hours are relatively low and the expectation is that you engage in a lot of self-study, in between your more structured contact hours at University. We recently surveyed hundreds of our international students and 70% of respondents had less

Freshers Week

Freshers’ can be a pretty intense period. If you make the most of it though it can really set you up for your first year at University. Here’s our advice on making the most of your freshers’. Meet as many people as possible  Freshers’ week is the most socially acceptable week of the year to

UK Guarantor - Top 8 Things to do as a Student at a UK University

5 tips for success

UK Guarantor recently asked hundreds of international students who had spent at least a year in the UK about their experience of studying the in UK and the key pieces of advice they would offer to new students. Arriving in the UK The best way of spending the first few days is exploring the city.

UK Guarantor - How you can Improve as a Student

Searching for Accommodation

If you are finding the prospect of moving to the UK daunting and have left finding your accommodation to the last minute read our short guide, which should give you all of the basic information you need to find a place to live. Types of accommodation The first thing you need to decide is whether

Moving to the UK

As ‘A’ Level results day approaches and you start to plan your move to the UK, we thought we would share some advice from international students who have been studying in the UK for a few years. We recently surveyed our customers to find out some of the key things they learned during their time

Top 5 Alternative Places To Visit In The UK

London, Edinburgh, Bath, Oxford. Sure these cities are beautiful and great places to visit, but they’re pricey and at times can seem overrun with tourists. If you’re looking to explore more of the country, but away from the typical sightseeing hotspots, why not try somewhere a little cheaper and off the beaten track – you’d

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