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How to find student accommodation in August.

Many international students start to search for accommodation in the late summer months, often waiting until August to start the search. We know that there are a number of good reasons for this. Quite often students do not get their University place confirmed until the summer and therefore don’t want to make a long term commitment

Moving Out of your student accommodation

At this time of year your thoughts might turn to moving on, from your current accommodation as your tenancy agreement comes to an end and you either return home for the summer, or go off to find your first job after graduating. As ending your tenancy is just as important as starting your tenancy, here

Do you need a Guarantor to rent student accommodation?

Many student properties in the UK will ask you to provide a guarantor if you want to live there. A Guarantor is someone who is prepared to take on the main responsibilities of your rental contract. The Guarantor will be contacted and required to meet those responsibilities if for some reason you can’t. This will

6 best services for international students

If you are an international student who is studying in the UK, or who will be from this September, UK Guarantor have taken the opportunity to highlight a few of the services that are available in the UK that will make your life much easier when you arrive. Unizest UK Guarantor think Unizest are on

Tapping into the International Student Market with UK Guarantor

International students make up a significant proportion of the UK university population. Of 2.2 million students, 19% are overseas students. The majority of these are from outside of the European Union and in 2015/16 there was a 2% increase in the number of students coming to the UK from  overseas. How important is this sector

uk guarantor guide to shared housing

UK Guarantor guide to shared housing

UK Guarantor guide to shared housing A common pattern for many International students studying in the UK is to move on from Halls of Residence at some point during their time in the UK. Once you are in the UK and have made new friends, there is a wider choice of accommodation open to you

Studying in the UK

Studying in the UK

If you are considering studying in the UK, now is the time to make some decisions. You may be aware that the UCAS application deadline is the 15th of January. This is the deadline by which the majority of those who are looking to a degree will need to make a decision on which courses

Five tips for finding private accommodation

Last week UK Guarantor asked students who had lived and studied in the UK for several years for their top tips on finding private student accommodation in the UK. This is what they told us; 1  Location is the most important thing If you are looking to live in a house or flat share, location

Top study tips for international students

Now you have been in the UK for a few months, you will find that your course gets a bit more intensive, particularly as you might be building up to exams in the early New Year. UK Guarantor have asked the experts to come up with their top five study tips for international students; 1

10 Things You Must Do While Studying in the UK

The UK has so many interesting historical sites to visit and great activities to do; it can be hard to know where to even start. If you’re having that dilemma, begin by taking part in these ten can’t-miss activities. Visit London If you’re not already studying in the UK’s capital city, visiting London should be at

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